Unlimited Projects Studios

Unlimited Projects was officially founded in 2018 as a game studio.
Our history is marked with ambitions and innovations, all coalescing to form a unique experience across all industries.

We may be a game studio, but we are an ambitious game studio. A game studio that would eagerly dive into any industry which piques our interest. Our motivation is to never copy or tread the same ground but to be the waymakers of a new kind of user experience, one that will leave our users wanting more.

Our studio serves her users by producing content that aims to bring forth; unforgettable and ground-breaking adventures with ever-expanding communities that enrich our players.


Everyone at U:P bears a strong passion for creating immersive and innovative experiences for our users. We push ourselves and each other to do our best when building our projects so that we will never let the users (aka: you) and the community as a whole down!


We encourage our developers to explore their developmental talents and to not constrain them by letting them take risks in their pursuit of creating an innovative experience. The ambitious mindset within the studio allows us the freedom to develop games that would be described As: Unique, Immersive, and Creative.


The members of U:P regularly set their sights on higher standards of excellence in the pursuit of creating quality content for our community. You can be assured that our mark of quality is always our team's best.



Chief Executive Officer


Creating games and communities for over 7 years, enjoys making immersive and ambitious projects.



Chief Development Officer


I am an enthusiastic programmer working from South Dakota, U.S. I am thrilled to be a member of our thriving.. I look forward to working on many more exciting projects in the future!



Chief Web Officer


More than a year on the team and in the studio. Always trying to improve and trying to give a hand whenever possible.



Chief Operating Officer