Development Programs

Our programs provide our developers a chance to work, earn an income, gain experience, and partner with an organized, and well-funded studio. Working with us you will be provided all the resources to meet the required development conditions to create the most effective environment for your work style. Our company believes in healthy communication with our developers for the best possible relationship, and outcome of work.

our programs

U:P Lead Project Game Developer

Lead a project that our studio has put together, you'll be working under the EO of U:P and have a designated team to work with. You'll receive 40% of all income, while our studio funds every other cost.


U:P Integration program

You have a team, an intriguing game idea, and a good marketing strategy. We will review your proposal, and respond to you within the week.



We believe in a quality first initiative, but also an incentive for profit, especially for our programmers. We hope that you can create a career with us and make a more than stable income. Whether you decide to work for us as a lead project developer on one of our planned games or enter through our Integration program to have one of your games enter under our studio, we'll be funding and providing you with all/every asset needed for the launch of the game, and after. We'll fund all advertisements and put together a cohesive marketing strategy to further the launch's user count. We believe in hard work, ethical behavior, and an ambitious approach like no other studio.