Unlimited Projects Studios

Creating unforgettable adventures for over 500,000 users. Enriching and immersing our players into worlds like never before.

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Built in 2018, and thriving in 2024, we are Unlimited Projects.

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About us

Unlimited Projects is a game development studio founded in the early year of 2018. Our goal is to bring a unique experience onto the Roblox platform. The content we develop is meant to push the Roblox engine beyond it's limits, attempting to create an unforgettable adventure that influences the expansion of our communities, and enrichs our players.

Attack On Titan: Project

Your journey awaits you, you decide your own path! What branch will you enlist into. The prestigious Military Police? The Garrison, defenders of the walls. Or the Scouting Legion who seek freedom.


Shinobi: Project

Shinobi: Project is a difficult game with permanent character loss. Losing characters is a part of the game that should be expected. Start your journey and face anonymous threats, players and creatures to live your life as a shinobi, honor your village and prove that you deserve to be the next Kage!


Clone Wars: Project

Coming soon!

Jump into the Clone Wars that is raging throughout the universe! Follow a lore, and serious role-play as you climb your way through the ranks as a clone, or become one with the Force. The choice is yours on Clone Wars: Project!


Demon Slayer: Project

Coming soon!

Destroy the demons or be devoured, the choice its yours! Explore the world and learn new breathing techniques or be a demon and let the world be whatever you want it to be.