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Devblog #005 - Module progress update

Continued work In the last month, we have continued work on finalizing the last needed game systems for a functional launch. As we get closer ...

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Devblog #004 - Module progress update

New Systems This last month, we focused on creating new important systems to fully adapt to our new ecosystem. It was important for us to take user f...

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Devblog #003 - Module progress update

Game Optimization In the new module, optimization has been a deciding factor in each feature and mechanic we add. To put the new module to the...

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Devblog #002 - Module progress update

Continued model reworks As we continue to add new tools to the module, we need new models as well. When creating these models, we are making sure t...

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Devblog #001 - The March Update

  Models for new abilites Our team is committed to the reamking of our current versions abilites. It's a long process, but we are heading in...

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Devblog #001 - Module progress update

        Model reworks  In our aim for optimization, it's important that each department from our team is head...

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Welcome to Unlimited Projects Studios!

  About As you may have seen, we've made a few adjustments and come back with our batteries recharged. This is the next step for our s...

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