About us

About our team, history, our passion and drive to create, and our timeline of projects.

About us

"Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Possibilities"

Unlimited Projects was founded in the early year of 2018. Our goal is to bring a unique experience onto the Roblox platform. We aim to bring our players onto an incredible journey like no other. Our team strives to bring an unforgettable adventure to our projects. All in service to the expansion of our communities, and the enrichment of our players that allow us to continue to develop

🧷 Unlimited Projects created by Drafter and founded in 01/27/2018


When developing our games, we are putting forward modern problem-solving methods and optimizations to our forefront. Consistently aiming to improve the quality of our user experience and push the Roblox engine to it's limits.


Our development teams are comprised of incredibly passionate people. Passionate about our work, engineering and innovating games, and bringing our creations and experiences to hundreds and thousands of users every day.


Each one of our projects attempt to push the creative bounadries in the effort of improving the user expereince. With all the creative input and suggestions from our community, we've been able to craft and refine our projects.


Follow us through our journey!