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Displaying our current projects, and the future projects of our studio.

Attack On Titan: Freeplay

Face off in an immersive world of Attack on Titan. Fight against Marley, Become a mindless titan, Customize your character, Fight titan shifters, Experience VR Support, Develop your skill trees, Fight with AP gear in epic PvP, and so much more.

Attack On Titan: Project

Your journey awaits you, you decide your own path! What branch will you enlist into. The prestigious Military Police? The Garrison, defenders of the walls. Or the Scouting Legion who seek freedom.


Shinobi: Project

Start your journey in the Shinobi: Project world, face anonymous threats, live your life as a shinobi, honor your village and prove that you deserve to be the next Kage!


Tokyo Ghoul: Project

Coming soon!

A serious roleplay and permadeath take on Tokyo Ghoul. Blending immersive game-play with a player driven story.

One Piece: Project

Enter a world of large scale PvP and PvE. Explore the seas, fight players, defeat bosses. Become the most powerful pirate on the sea, or defend the sea from pirates!


Bombard is Intersoft Games & Unlimited Projects collaboration project. Face off in a fun multiplayer experience that includes various types of bombs and modifiers to defeat with your opponents! With various different bombs and modifiers to fit your playstyle.

Clone Wars: Project

Jump into the Clone Wars that is raging throughout the universe! Follow a lore, and serious role-play as you climb your way through the ranks as a clone, or become one with the Force. The choice is yours on Clone Wars: Project!

Demon Slayer: Project

Destroy the demons or be devoured, the choice its yours! Explore the world and learn new breathing techniques or be a demon and let the world be whatever you want it to be.

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