Thursday, 21 October 2021

Devblog #002 - The Next Update

Further work on updating important systems, introducing new gameplay loops, and creating a more user friendly experience.

Published by Drafter


Devblog Update

Progress Update

In the last months, we have worked on updating important systems, introducing new gameplay loops, and creating a more user-friendly experience.

At the same time, we want to expand the possibilities for Shinobi Project. 

To expand our possibilities, we will be introducing a brand new universe system. This universe system splits up the maps into separate servers and areas.

The universe system will allow villages/clans to attack and take other villages/clans maps, as well as a middle ground where all villages/clans can fight.

At the same time, we have done recent optimizations to help expand this player base.


New maps

The build team has been busy with the separation and recreation of the maps. 

Having separated maps allows for larger-scaled battles and a more optimized experience

The rest of the map visuals will not be shown to allow the players to explore and experience the new maps for themselves on release.



►  Feature - Cooldown for Substitution Jutsu (visual

►  Feature Smoke Bombs and similar Combat Items (visual)

►  Feature Economy Menu for Kage/Village Management

►  Feature Tab Menu

►  Feature - Missions System

►  Feature - Otsutsuki moon

►  Feature - Eye activates (visual)

►  Feature - 64 Palms (visual)

►  Feature - Takigakure (visual)

►  Feature - Paper Bomb, Flash Bom & Smoke Bomb 

►  Feature Roblox Chat Cutoffs and Delays fixed with new Bubble Chat (visual

 ►  Feature SkillPoints Calculator to ensure the correct amount without manual fixing

►  Adjustment Cleanup of Lag and Optimizations

►  Adjustment Updated Effects for Dojutsu Activation (visual)

►  Adjustment  Increased Water Shotgun CD

►  Adjustment - Palm Rotation IFrames slightly reduced

►  Adjustment - Behind Leaf Rework

►  Bug fix Backend Fixes to Multiple Jutsu that caused Console Errors and Jutsus to break

►  Bug fix Global Values Fixed/Added for easier Boosts when using modes

►  Bug fix Fixed an issue which caused Dojutsu to break when you are refreshed

►  Bug fix -  Patched a Bug that allowed Dojutsu users to stack buffs using Chidori

 ►  Bug fix - Fixed Jin Summons hitting

►  Bug fix Patched a recent exploit related to copying tools

►  Bug fix Fixed Day/Night Cycle (visual)

Wrapping up

Shinobi Project is a developing project with a great and active community, from the executives to the developers, we appreciate your continued support.

This update will be launched when all the needed assets are completed. Then, it will be published to all of Shinobi Project.

We are excited to continue development on Shinobi Project and cannot wait to see what the future brings. 


Drafter - Studio lead

Draudee - Head Department 

TheFuryHasBegun - Project Leader

Loner60 - Lead Programmer

Badrdok20005 - Lead Builder

Real_Ser3rm - Builder

Kerrish - Modeler 

P1xelSnak3 - Animator


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