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Overhaul Update - Part One

Our team has been working on updating the game

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Shinobi Project Overhaul



Three fire skills

â–º Flame Dragon
At the cost of some health, you'll release a dragon covered in flames!

â–º Flame Expansion
Expand your fire around yourself to all around!

â–º Flame Grab
Grab your enemies with fire!

 Four earth skills

â–º Mud Floor
Surround yourself inside of mud!

â–º Mud Wall Barrage
Summon a mud wall to shoot out towards your opponents.

â–º Earth Maze
Summon a Earth Maze Around you and your opponents.

â–º Earth Flood

 Four lighting skills

â–º Blinding Lights
CSGO flashbang!

â–º Lighting Slash
Summon multiple lighting slashes.

â–º Lighting Beam
Shoot a beam of lighting!

â–º Kirin

 Three wind skills

â–º Wind Boost
Let your inner wind go loose!

â–º Gale Slashes
Summon two gale slashes to slice your opponents!

â–º Eternal Wind

 Two water skills

â–º Water Serpent
Unleash Serpents of water down on your opponents!

â–º Water Serpent Upgrade
Make the Water Serpent More viable inside of a fight!


As the game has progressed, we've noticed that there are alot of limitations within only holding everything within one server. Over the past month, our team has been testing and working on a new way for universal mode to work again.

We're proud to announce we may have found a solution! (may need working for some values to continue saving.)

Upon joining the lobby, you will be given the prompt to press "Play" button, click this then click "Shinobi" as its been for awhile.

Upon clicking "Shinobi", a new interface will appear called "Locations". In the middle of it will be the main location; this is where you will be able to buy moves and most Permadeath Events will be hosted (i.e. sandboxes).

There's more locations you may join. Upon joining one of these locations, you'll be unable to buy skills, as per you must join the main to do this. The reason this is is due to the issue of the way, we're storing and saving the data for these moves to be saved. Hopefully within the future, we will be able to fix this issue.

âš  After doing a mission, gripping someone or even buying items, these items may go away if you're not inside of the server for long enough for it to transfer. The best thing you can and should do is wait to leave after doing this so the game will be able to save this action.


Recommended Server Room Temperature and Humidity | Network ...

As you may know, we are limited to only 85 players within our servers. With recent optimizations, we will be attempting to raise this cap to 100 and even better, our smaller maps should be able to even hold up to 120 players.


â–º Main land
The center of the Shinobi World, five great nations meet within this location...

â–º Forest of Death
A forest where young Shinobi take a trial of a lifetime...

â–º Land of Iron
A distant land filled with snow, Kage Summits are usually hosted here...


â–º New NPC to go rogue with

â–º Decreased damage for water moves slighthly

â–º New inventory interface

â–º Inventory saving

â–º You can now hold five items in Shinobi: Project mobile platform instead of three.

â–º Fixed Subbing taking 1 000 chakra 99% of the time. 

â–º All Yotsuki skills now stun the user making it so they can't cast other moves while having the move in use.

â–º Thunderbolt now has a 1200 studs range.

â–º Decreased Yotsuki damage for Jonin 6+.

â–º Bijuu system fully scripted.

â–º Nerfed Advanced Light Cloak.

â–º Buffed Advanced Dark Cloak slightly.

â–º Changed PD interface slightly.

â–º Subbing has been fixed.

â–º Fixed Water Wall skill.

â–º Completely reworked alot of the Subbing system.

â–º Fixed Clone Parry skill.

â–º Fixed when talking to Trait Reroll NPC you weren't able to exit.

â–º Removed Water Palm Slash skill.

â–º Katana tools reworked.

â–º Katana mouse left click remade.

â–º New Inuzuka Move.

â–º Reworked Rating stuff for sum.

â–º New rank added. More information will be given.

â–º Fixed Permadeath Event kills.

â–º Increased Chakra for Clone Jutsu.

â–º Fixed memory leaks.

â–º All Taijutsu takes less chakra.

â–º Nara cooldown increased.

â–º Removed Land of Iron skill from main map.

â–º Made water dragon throw take more handsigns.

â–º More medical/sealing quicktime events keybinds.

â–º Skills no longer break if you try using them at 0 chakra.

â–º Fixed Kage skills taking 3x more Chakra than usual.

â–º Fixed Kage skills cooldown.

â–º Attempting to use a skill inside of stun will auto unequip it.

â–º Fixed Sand Flak.

â–º Reworked server code for data storage making it so moves save the moment you buy them.

â–º All datastores within the game have been completely remade to prevent data issues.

â–º Wipe message updated

â–º Wiping system updated

â–º Fixed ability to rankup your rating via gris

â–º You can no longer use PL with Water Barrage, Ink Birds, Water Shotgun, Water Assault Rifle, Laser Rain, Laser Storm and Laser Circus.

â–º If you get hit while using Water Barrage, Ink Birds, Water Shotgun, Water Assault Rifle, Laser Rain, Laser Storm, Laser Circus, the skill will be canceled.

â–º You can no longer left-click using Water Barrage, Ink Birds, Water Shotgun, Water Assault Rifle, Laser Rain, Laser Storm and Laser Circus.

â–º Yotsuki stun reverted.

â–º A Permadeath Event turning on auto heals to max chakra and health.

â–º Fists have a biggest hitbox.

â–º Updated PD system to make identifying the players village easier for who wiped.

â–º Wiping is alot more punished (you will spawn with less items).

â–º Gekko invisibility increased

â–º Dive time lowered to 12 seconds

â–º Karatach Egg damage lowered

â–º Miyajima cooldown increased

â–º Deepforest has a cooldown now

â–º Self-heal is no longer usable in gates above the second

â–º Village spec C spec Module made

â–º Sand Coffin nerfed

â–º Kage spec health requeriments lifted

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