Friday, 5 March 2021

Devblog #001 - Module progress update

Last month we worked on model reworks, module improvements, map improvements, and titans.

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New Module Progress Update

Model reworks


 In our aim for optimization, it's important that each department from our team is heading in the right direction for the best user experience.

In the last month, we've reworked our models entirely. With these reworks, we believe our goal for a more optimized user experience has been achieved.

An example of this optimization would be for our three-dimensional-moving gear. In our old module, the current gear is 20,000 triangles per player. 

To put that into perspective, that is 4,000,000 triangles running and moving on the server per 200 players.

We've managed to cut that in half. Our new gear model now is under 8,000 triangles per player.

To put that into perspective, we managed to get it down from 4,000,000 triangles per 200 players, to under 1,500,000 per 200 players.

These are the large steps we are taking towards a smoother user experience. 




Friends system - Grabbing the users friend list, displaying it in our menu, and allowing the user to see where their friends are in the world.

Statistics menu - Logging user play time, in-game time, weather condition, etc.

► Weather System - Stormy, Storm fog, Rainy, Sunny, Foggy.

► Hunger/Thirst system - After the user is under a certain threshold value, they'll become hungry/thirsty.

► Day and Night cycle - Real world day and night cycle 

TC NPC - A Instructor NPC that is entirely voice acted to assist new users.

Royal Guard Armor - Modeled and Animated.

Government Clothing - Modeled.

Map changes

While developing for the last 3 years, we've stuck to the simplistic block look. The reasons for this were optimization, and time consumption per map.

We are happy to announce we are no longer sticking with the simplistic block style.

As the Roblox platform progresses, optimizations over the last 2 years to Roblox terrain systems makes it more than tempting for our team to jump into realistic terrain.

We believe with this scale-up, we should see major improvements not only optimally, but immersively. 




Moving forward

Continuing for the next week or so, we'll be focusing on titans, the most important element of our game.

The patron supporters will be testing our first version of the titans on 2021/03/06. 

After we've fully fleshed out our titans, the rest of our development should be spearheaded all the way to the finish line.

We are excited to see what the future brings!


Drafter - Studio lead

Draudee - Studio Network Manager

Yuuki - Lead Programmer  

Gio - Lead Modeler

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