Saturday, 6 March 2021

Devblog #001 - The March Update

Last month we focused on matchmaking, new abilities, tab menu, universe mode.

Published by Drafter



Models for new abilites

Our team is committed to the reamking of our current versions abilites. It's a long process, but we are heading in that direction.

With each new ability, we need the effort of our modelers, animators and visual effects artists consistently working, and they have.



The New Universe

The goal of expanding our community is to first shape Shinobi Project into a multi-map game.

With mulitple maps, we can span over multiple servers and hold over 200 players.

Along with this mode, a universeal perma-death system that spans across all maps at once.



Combat Improvements

When discussing within the community, and within our own team, combat has been a servre issue. We've changed that.

The current version of our combat is buggy and inaccurate. That has been changed, for good.

The combat has been reconstructed from the ground up with more accurate hitboxes, stunning and block breaking.




To bring a more user friendly expereince, we've compacted everything into a menu.

This goes along with implementation of our new universe system.




 Mission match-making

A way for players to increase their rating without waiting for a lore training is by entering into our new match-making service.

In this, you or your squad and take on other players for a chance to increase your rating, and prove that you are the strongest in all the land.




► Kaguya ability

► "A" Clan ability

► Menu

► Map splitting

► Beast Bomb

► Legendary clan reroll

► 5 new swords


What comes next

This first update is the start of our reconstruction of Shinobi Project.

With our dedicated community and development team, we feel obligated to create a better user expereince for all our members.

We are excited to countiue developing, and can't wait to show you what's to come!




Drafter - Chief Executive Officer

Draudee - Chief Web Officer

Apex - Lead Programmer

Kaiyo - Programmer

Akirus - Programmer

Mashdee - UI Artist

ChariotRq - Modeler

Xxkerrish- Modeler

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