Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Devblog #002 - Module progress update

Last month we have continued to work on model reworks, titan improvements, tools, and other module improvements.

Published by Drafter


Continued model reworks

As we continue to add new tools to the module, we need new models as well.

When creating these models, we are making sure that we are creating them optimally.

Each model below is under 2,000 triangles. Little adjustments like these throughout our entire game make all the difference. 


Trainee Camp Revamp

As we have mentioned, we are currently undergoing a revamp on all of our maps.

The first map in the process of revamping is the Trainee camp.

The images below show our new jail and bunker. As well as our new cabins. In the bunker, there will also be a Trainee Instructor office.



► Hover GUI - Showing player information when the user's mouse hovers over another player.

► 3DMG PvP Combat - 3DMG users can now block attacks, and deal damage to other players.

► Compass tool - Showing the direction of where the players camera is facing.

► Sabre tool - A sword used by the most elegant swordsmen. 

► Baton tool - A tool used to control crowds by knocking them unconscious

► Musket tool - A tool used for killing ones' enemies.

► Spyglass tool - A tool used for surveying an area.

► Flare tool - Players can aim their hand in any direction, and shoot a flare in the aimed direction.

► MRE - A can of food filled with a delicious soup to feed the men of humanity 

► Flask - A flask can be used to quench thirst.

► Wells - Dug up and placed in areas for easy access to all military members to fill up their flasks.

► Royal Guard Sword - A heavy sword carried by the elected Royal Knights of Eldia trained in the arts of swordsmanship.

► Royal Guard Armor - A heavy plated armour was worn by Royal Knights of Eldia with serious health buffs.

► PvP Overhaul combat - All items interweave with combat. Sabre, Royal Guard Sword, and 3DMG can block each other.

► Default animations - Implemented default animations such as walk, idle and run.

► New movement - Players will slightly lean on directional movement, making the movement more realistic.

► Mindless titans - Mindless titans are functional, all necessary moves are implemented. Still working on bug fixes.

► Abnormal titans - Abnormal titans are functional and are currently undergoing major bug testing 

► Crawler titans- Are being worked on, some functionality added.

► Titan death - The titan will gush blood and steam away once killed, giving players a satisfying kill to their enemy.




Progressing to April

Our team will be continuing on titans in the first weeks of April. Extensive bug testing will be done by our Patreon supporters.

It is important to us that we create an immersive experience for our users, and that starts will each mechanic of our game.

We'll also be working on quality of life features as well throughout the next weeks, as we begin to get closer and closer to our launch.

A huge thanks to our Patreons that have been supporting us through this module development!

We are excited to see what the future brings!



Drafter - Studio Lead

Draudee - Studio Network Manager 

Yuuki - Lead Programmer

RoGuruu - Programmer

Gio - Lead Modeler

EhhDmitry - Lead Builder

Voltigar - Builder

Jona - Builder



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