Friday, 21 May 2021

Devblog #003 - Module progress update

Last month we have worked on optimization, horses, and other game mechanics.

Published by Drafter


Game Optimization

In the new module, optimization has been a deciding factor in each feature and mechanic we add.

To put the new module to the test, we have launched a stress tester role. Users can purchase access to become a stress tester.

And once stress testing is needed, they will be called on for a special test with all of the module content.

After our recent stress test, we were able to target large bottlenecks in our performance.

Thanks to our Patreons and Stress testers, we were able to locate, and patch this performance leak, bolstering our performance 3x our original.


3DMG Mechanism

It's important to us, and to our players that we get the new 3dmg done right. 

For the last month, we have continued work on our 3dmg mechanics, adjustments, and visuals.

We have implemented our new models, and will be adding final functionality to our 3dmg. 

We will be adding wall hanging, this is a way for players to survey the area from a high position, without using gas.

Our team

As for many of our players, the school year is wrapping up for you. The same goes for our team. 

This week many members of our team have their final exams, therefore hindering module progress.

Thankfully, these are their final exams. Our team is dedicated to launching this module as soon as we are able.

With school wrapping up, our team will have much more time on their hands, allowing for more swift progress.

And for you, the player. If you are interested in joining our wonderful team, you can apply here!



► Bug Fix - Blades not entering the handle correctly

► Bug Fix - Hook shooters aren't accurately on the side of the player

► Adjustment - 3DMG Idle animation changed to a new idle animation

► Adjustment - Removed compass from 3dmg UI

► Adjustment - Removed hook shooting animation before the hooked animation

► Adjustment - Players get two blades instead of 8 when grabbing 3dmg.

► Feature - Implemented the new 3dmg gear, blades, exhaust, and handle models.

► Feature - Death system and death screen. Player's are shown how they died after death.

► Feature - All shifter models have been modelled.

► Feature - Player can change right and left hook hotkeys

► Feature - Player will have blood and steam on them after a titan kill

► Feature - Added ageing system, and age to the player's statistic page

► Feature - Loading screen and queue loading. 

► Feature - Completed the new admin system

► Feature - Courtroom map complete

► Feature - More realistic nighttime environment

► Feature - Fireflies will spawn randomly at night

► Feature - Stable owner NPC implementation

► Feature - Horse spawning functionality 

► Feature - Pipe tool

► Feature - Carrots for feeding horses

► Feature - New 3dmg, cannon, shifting, and blood effects using new Roblox particle emitters.

► In progress - Horses basic functionality complete, working on the creation of horses as a character.

► In progress - VIP and premium only accessories/hairs.

► In progress - Traits system, players are given traits on their character creation.

► In progress - New Wall Rose map.

► In progress - Death place, players are sent to a death place once they die in a perma-death event.

► In progress - Field cannons, players can move around a field cannon to shoot and slow down titans.

► In progress - Injury system functions, will need to be fleshed out. 



Drafter - Studio lead
Yuuki - Lead Programmer
RoGuruu - Gameplay programmer
Draudee - Head Department 
SystemFibrosis - Head Department 
Pikaogaming1234567 - Animator 
TheEnderLord123 - Animator 
Gio - Lead Modeler
Roubloxe - Modeler
EhhDmitry - Lead Builder
Marcus - Builder
Wax - Builder
Jona - Builder
Voltigar - Builder
•↺ - Builder

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