Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Devblog #006 - Module progress update

In the last months, we have been completing the final features for our launch.

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Continued work

In the last months, we have been completing the final features for our launch. 

As we near our launch, we are aiming for a release in December before the new year.

Although we are confident in our release, there could likely be bugs/features that are not yet implemented or known.


Map additions

The build team have finally completed and published a brand new map to the new module. 

This map is known as Wall Rose. It is a necessity that we have this new map for our launch. 

We've had 3 builders rework the HQ from the old module, revamping it entirely. 

As well as revamps, we introduced brand-new exploration areas including forests, villages, mountains, and HQ's around the map.

As well, our build team have completed a brand-new HQ for the Trainee Instructors, and a new customization room.

The next map the build team is working on is Shiganshina District. 


UI reworks

Although we've been content with our previous UI designs, the new designs we are bringing have to match.

This includes our brand-new traits system and the UI we have for it. 

If you've read our previous devblog, we recently completed the UI to holster the trait icons.

It was now time for the traits to be revamped to match that UI.

At the bottom of this gallery post, you can view the UI design we have created for our new PD system.

We are also currently planning to revamp the entire tab menu to match this new design and theme we are aiming for. 


►  Feature - Wall Rose map

►  Feature - Trainee Instructor HQ

►  Feature - New customization room

►  Feature - 3dmg Trainer

►  Feature - Genetics System v.1

►  Feature - Physical medal system

►  Feature - /afk command

►  Feature - Mop and dirt system

►  Feature - Drums

►  Feature - Point/Beating stick

►  Feature - New intro spritesheet UI

►  Feature - Item holstering

►  Feature - Wall Lifts

►  Bug fix - Royal Guard Armor/Sword Inventory bug

►  Bug fix - 3DMG animation run bug

►  Bug fix - 3DMG duplication on death

►  Bug fix - Tool not holstering glitch

►  Bug fix - Fixed Royal Guard and King uniforms not showing in customization

►  Adjustment - Revamped Royal Guard animations

►  Adjustment - Made the Royal Guard sword weigh 15lbs

►  Adjustment - Fixed cannon animation bugs

►  Adjustment - Fixed ageing system

►  Adjustment - Implemented Royal Guard Sword Idle

►  Adjustment - Added a :remove medal command

►  Adjustment - Adding a limit to how many items can be dropped on the floor (30)

►  Upcoming Shiganshina District

►  Upcoming - PD system

►  Upcoming - Injury System

►  Upcoming - Titan Overhaul

►  Upcoming - Combat Overhaul

►  Upcoming - Admin System Overhaul

►  Upcoming - Cannon aim system


Wrapping up

This will be the last devblog before release

We will continue devblogs, but they will begin after our release.

We want to once again give a huge thank you to our Patreon supporters who have made development possible.

As well, to all of the players and developers who have worked and or supported the development of this brand-new user experience.

Drafter - Studio lead

Yuuki - Lead Programmer

RoGuruu - Gameplay programmer

Wxide- Gameplay programmer

Golden1480 - Gameplay programmer

Draudee - Head Department 

Clash - UI Designer

Orange - Animator 

Abella - Animator

Alex. - Modeler

Hara - Modeler

Captain200 - Modeler

MarZhal - Modeler 

Xolkar - Lead Builder

Maunchy - Builder 

iiHaruk1x - Builder

Ouz - Builder

Platt - Builder

Ney. - Builder

Lucky - Builder

Medicore - Builder

Vestanero - Builder

Voltigar - Builder


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