Tuesday, 11 April 2023

Inside Unlimited Projects #1

In March, we've continue to make good progress on all projects throughout the studio.

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March Monthly Report:

Last month's collection of progress throughout the studio, presented to the community to see the progress we are making. Now, let's see what work took place this month...

Attack on Titan: Project

Last month, we brought on two new programmers to continue work with the current game and lore. A new menu is currently being worked on, preparing the way for the New Module freeplay mode. Our team has also continued to work on bug fixes submitted by the players, and are making good progress in patching game-related issues. More PD tools and lore-related events are currently in the works by our programming team. The build team also finished unnannounced maps that will begin to make their way into the game as the lore continues. 

Work continued on the New Module, preparing it for a freeplay release. The team finished porting over the 3dmg to our new framework, and has began work on the new titans, featuring the updated titan models, behavior and animations. The build team completed all tasks for the missions that will be in freeplay mode. The freeplay mode will provide us with a testing ground for New Module features, as it makes it's way through our development pipeline to an eventual release to the RP mode. 

Shinobi: Project

The build team has made steady progress on the new map that will be featured in the next large update. The team completed many important parts of the new map, including Leaf terrain and transitions to teleports. Before the month's end, we finished the Final Valley, Cloud Village, and other points of interest around the Leaf and Cloud area. Zones were completed on most of the new map, adding correct sounds to each zone based on their descriptions. Progress was also made on villages, the team has discussed the best way to handle buildings without harming client performance. A decision was reached, and the builders we began work on new houses for Leaf Village.

The Programming team continued progress on the new update. This includes the new tab menu, in which players can access settings, shop, player stats, player guide, and other important information. We started the implementation of the new UI that was designed in the previous month and began adding it into the game. This includes a new player HUD, inventory, leader board, and so on. Work progressed in the new mining and crafting systems, creating material books, recipes and figuring out ways for players to obtain recipes. The mission board received updates and additions including new missions and completing gameplay loops for each mission. Timed events were also completed, allowing events to occur randomly in game with set parameters. The team continued work on optimizations and rewrites of older code, as well as many unannounced additions and features.

Demon Slayer: Project

Last month we completed work on the new Demon Slayer HQ, and the Slayers Hosptial/Rehibiltation area. These locations will be important for the gameplay that is intended in the game, which is for long recovery times, and consquences after getting injured in PD's, or having limbs cutoff. We've now began work on the Swordsmith Village, and completed adding roleplay props around current locations. The animation team has completed a necessary revamp for sword gameplay, and has completed all animations for Flame and Water breathing. 

The Programming team has made good progress on our new combat system. We began work on adding the first breathing abilities, and completed dozens of bugs and issues that we found with the combat. Extensive testing was done on the combat last month, finalizing and ironing out the last of the issues. A breathing bar was added, as well as the first breathing ability, which was tested last month and continues into the next month. We began a rework on the block system, making blocking similar to a breathing bar. This allows us to have breathings to be blocked by other players if their block bar is full. We believe this will allow for calculated attacks and skill-based combat. We will continue to test and refine combat as we develop more gameplay systems. 

Clone Wars: Project

Worked progress on the freeplay mode, with map generation, team selection, and multiple UI screens being implemented and completed. Work has begun on the combat for the game, including weapons and lightsabers, and how they interact with each other. Optmization has been discussed and will begin testing in the next month in the aim of having over 100+ players. Work this month will continue on combat to get it into a polished state, as well as testing opmtization for these systems. Work also progressed on the new Turbo Tank with full interiors, and the Umbara Crawler Tank reached completion. Freeplay will be the foundation of which we will develop the main part of the game, which is Journey mode. Journey mode is where there will be an active lore, and permadeath events.

We want to give a huge thanks to our staff teams, players and patreons for making this all possible. We appreciate your continued support in funding, encouragement, and dedication towards our games. We hope to continue to expand our games, and create the best roleplay expereinces for all of our players. We will be back with our April Monthly report in the next month!


Drafter - Studio Lead                                                                                    

Yuuki - AOT:P Lead Programmer

Loner60 - S:P Project Leader

Ser3rm - S:P Lead Programmer/Project Leader

Infy - DS:P Lead Programmer

Trix - CW:P Lead Programmer

Evelyn - AOT:P Builder

Exactly - AOT:P Builder

Maunchy - AOT:P Builder

Polar - AOT:P Builder

Otto - AOT:P Builder

Vital - AOT:P Builder

Xaden - AOT:P Builder

Drify - S:P Builder

Jork - S:P Builder

TheDiddler - S:P Builder

Lizardgucci - S:P Village Artist

xyPixel - DS:P Builder

LolguyRuski - U:P Animator

Prime_Slime - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Zack  - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Kerrissh - DS:P/S:P Modeler

Scrumptious - DS:P/S:P VFX Artist

Preadator - CW:P Vehicle Artist

Thank you to our Patreons!

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