Monday, 1 May 2023

Inside Unlimited Projects #2

In April, we've continue to make good progress on all projects throughout the studio.

Published by Drafter


April Monthly Report:

Last month's collection of progress throughout the studio, presented to the community to see the progress we are making. Now, let's see what work took place this month...

Attack on Titan: Project

Last month, we continued work on the shifters rework, as well as the new menu selection screen. A meeting was held between the development team and lore team to flesh out how we wanted shifters to work in the Old Module. As stated in the last report, more lore-related tools continued to be worked on and developed in the Old Module.

Work continues on the New Module free play mode, which will be the testing ground and foundation for the large New Module update. 3dmg, character creation, tab menu, AFK system, missions, quality of life, and titans all received work. These are scheduled to finish sometime this month after extensive testing. The animation team continued work on animations for the Beast Titan and Attack Titan, the two shifters that'll be used in the new freeplay mode. The New Module document was updated with fixes and additions to the game design plan, and feedback was taken from the community in this effort.

Shinobi: Project

The build team progressed on the new map, making great strides on Stone, Mist and Leaf. The build team received additional developers to speed up the map's completion. The Sand Village had all of its buildings created and optimized, and are now in the stage to be coloured and textured, then to be placed for the Sand region's entire completion. Leaf Village received more details and additions to the village, including the water canal and points of interest within the village. The Stone region received updates, adding the foundation and rocky terrain to the village location. The Mist islands are now 80% complete, with the Mist village buildings now beginning to be created. The modeller team began work on new [REDACTED] models, this includes [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. These models are planned to be rigged with mesh deformation, and animated in the new month. 

The programming team continued work on the large update, completing 9 new missions and updating the mission system. Work continued with new UI implementation. The team completed work on the new item bar, hover item, and tab menu. The new tab menu received work adding options, information, and how to play screens. The looting system was completed for looting players' items when they die in PDs and looting materials outside of a PD. Optimizations were completed on multiple areas of the codebase and AI, this resulted in a reduction of the server memory from 878 MB to 600 MB. Multiple new [REDACTED] were made, and 21 new [REDACTED] reached completion. Work also began on [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] classes. 

Demon Slayer: Project

Work progressed on the Swordsmwith Village, and a general polish was done to the existing map. Some locations from the map were added to the combat testing place, preparing for a combat showcase later this month. Moving existing locations to this map helped us understand how combat would interact with a terrain based map, and not simply a part baseplate.

The programming team continued work on the breathing system, finishing 2 flame breathing moves, and 2 water breathing moves. A block bar was added for our rework of the blocking system. Testing was done, and a rework of the hitbox and status handler module was completed. Breathings will continue to be made in May, and a combat demo video is planned to be shared with the players, showing them the tied in breathing mechanics with the combat system, limb cutting and abilities all working together. 

Clone Wars: Project

Work progressed on weapons and UI. The weapons for classes have been entirely reanimated and fleshed out to fit into our new gun system. New sounds were added to the weapons, including sounds based on range, impact, etc. The UI team began working on the intro screen for the game, which involved over 400 frames to be created for a high-quality animation. The UI team will continue to work on the new UI throughout May, as the loading screen nears completion. The gun systems received more server-side optimizations, preparing us for the large-scale battles we intend to have. Anti-exploit and sanity checks were also added. The Case system has been made for skins that'll be in the free-play mode, as well as optimizations for mobile. Weapon handling also received changes for client rendering, and work began on the Rancor / Hero mechanics. Work is wrapping up on the Turbo tank, which is now in final art phase. Details were added to the interior, as well as suspensions that will be used in the mechanics of the Turbo Tank. Spots were added within the Turbo Tank for turret control.

We want to give a huge thanks to our staff teams, players and patreons for making this all possible. We appreciate your continued support in funding, encouragement, and dedication towards our games. We hope to continue to expand our games, and create the best roleplay expereinces for all of our players. We will be back with our June Monthly report in the next month!


Drafter - Studio Lead                                                                                    

Yuuki - AOT:P Lead Programmer

Kaisellin - AOT:P Lead Programmer

Lui - AOT:P New Module Lead Programmer

Loner60 - S:P Project Leader

Ser3rm - S:P Lead Programmer/Project Leader

Infy - DS:P Lead Programmer

Trix - CW:P Lead Programmer

Evelyn - AOT:P Builder

Exactly - AOT:P Builder

Maunchy - AOT:P Builder

Polar - AOT:P Builder

Otto - AOT:P Builder

Vital - AOT:P Builder

Xaden - AOT:P Builder

Drify - S:P Builder

Jork - S:P Builder

Clash - AOT:P UI Arist

Catalyst - S:P UI Artist

DisguisedDash - CW:P UI Arist

TheDiddler - S:P Builder

Lizardgucci - S:P Village Artist

xyPixel - DS:P Builder

LolguyRuski - U:P Animator

Prime_Slime - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Zack  - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Kerrissh - DS:P/S:P Modeler

Scrumptious - DS:P/S:P VFX Artist

Preadator - CW:P Vehicle Artist

Our wonderful staff team and lore team

Thank you to our Patreons!

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