Thursday, 1 June 2023

Inside Unlimited Projects #3

In May, we've continue to make good progress on all projects throughout the studio.

Published by Drafter


May Monthly Report:

Last month's collection of progress throughout the studio, presented to the community to see the progress we are making. Now, let's see what work took place this month...

Attack on Titan: Project

Last month, work continued with our animation, lore, and modeller teams on shifters. Animating and fleshing out the last of them to prepare them for the programmers. The builder and lore team also worked on additional locations needed for the progression of Lore in the Old Module. 

The team on the New Module also continued work on the new titans. Randomized hair, randomized height, and the 3 titan class variants (Abnormal, Crawler, and Mindless) were also added. Crawler rage mode and Abnormal mutation chances were implemented alongside the aforementioned updates. We also began work on adding eye/head moving, where the titans eye's and head will move towards the nearest player. Our UI team continued on reworks and additions to the New Module freeplay mode UI. Skills UI, Loading Screen UI, and reworks to the genetic traits UI which can be seen [Here]. New Victory/Defeat, shop, skill tree, upgrade tree and level/currency UI all began work at the end of last month. Work that will continue in June is the finalization for combat with the new Titans and new 3dmg. Work also began on a snow map that is intended to be used in the New Module update. 

Shinobi: Project

The build team last month completed many key locations. These locations include 8 POIs, Cloud, Mist, and Stone villages. The team also added more villages and POIs to fill locations we felt needed more life. All location-based trees were placed in the correct locations, filling the map with its correct terrain. After months of work, the map is now completed and ready for programmer implementation. Work was also completed on a new Scorpion and Ant model. The Programmer team made more progress on optimization for the server. This includes an entire remake from the ground up for our server traits, increasing our loading times tremendously. Our [REDACTED] system was also made, as well as a new UI for this system. We also finished the new Shinobi Project Tab Menu which can be seen [Here]. The team also completed the Monster Pathfinding, which was optimized and tested near the end of last month. Progress was also made on the Seasons and Weather system. 

Demon Slayer: Project

Work progressed on our breathing system, and multiple closed tests were held during May to help refine and flesh out the combat. Multiple bugs were fixed after we reworked the backend of many of our breathing moves. Water Basin, Constant Flux, Rengoku and Flame Tiger all received updates and necessary fixes to their code for us to implement the ragdoll system. The build team began work on the Swordsmith Village after their break has ended. Work will continue into June for a planned playtest near the end of the month.

Clone Wars: Project

Last month, the team completed and began on many assets and features needed for the release of our free play mode. Our vehicle artist team finished the new Turbo Tank with a fully fleshed interior intended to be a multi-crew and transport vehicle in Journey mode. Our vehicle team then began work on major additions and fixes to our Venator Captial ship, will huge interior expansions and fixes to the moon pool. This expansion is to allow us to have more content in what is meant to be a home base for the clones in space, as well as enable us to have the Venator be a playable map in Freeplay mode, allowing us to test what combat will be like in closer quarters. Our modelling team also completed the crates that will be used in free play, along with all their variants. The game advisors team fleshed out weapons for each class in free-play mode, and how progression would work with the weapons. The team also added all the skins to each class that players can unlock, as well as all the star cards we plan to have implemented. The UI team made tremendous progress completing most of the UI needed for freeplay mode. This includes a menu, gameplay HUD, team selection, class selection, and much more. Work will continue on the last of the UI at the start of June. Our animation team completed animation sets for the Super battle droid and began working on the Seperatist battle droid animation sets that will be needed for the default Seperatist player. The programming team progressed with the implementation of the new UI, as well as many additions to the combat and weapons system that will continue to see work into the new month. 

That's it for this monthly report, we cannot wait to have you all play what we've been working on for the last few months. None of this would be possible without your support. We will be back with our June Monthly report in the next month!


Drafter - Studio Lead                                                                                    

Yuuki - AOT:P Lead Programmer

Kaisellin - AOT:P Lead Programmer

Lui - AOT:P New Module Lead Programmer

Loner60 - S:P Project Leader

Ser3rm - S:P Lead Programmer/Project Leader

Infy - DS:P Lead Programmer

Trix - CW:P Lead Programmer

Evelyn - AOT:P Builder

Exactly - AOT:P Builder

Maunchy - AOT:P Builder

Polar - AOT:P Builder

Otto - AOT:P Builder

Vital - AOT:P Builder

Xaden - AOT:P Builder

Drify - S:P Builder

Jork - S:P Builder

Clash - AOT:P UI Arist

Catalyst - S:P UI Artist

DisguisedDash - CW:P UI Arist

TheDiddler - S:P Builder

Lizardgucci - S:P Village Artist

xyPixel - DS:P Builder

LolguyRuski - U:P Animator

Prime_Slime - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Zack  - DS:P Gameplay Advisor

Kerrissh - DS:P/S:P Modeler

Scrumptious - DS:P/S:P VFX Artist

Preadator - CW:P Vehicle Artist

Our wonderful staff team and lore team

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