Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Welcome to Unlimited Projects Studios!

We open a new chapter, do you want to join us in this new adventure?

Published by Draudeee



As you may have seen, we've made a few adjustments and come back with our batteries recharged.

This is the next step for our studio. With these blogs, we'll be able to organize and format all of our updates from all of our projects. This will help you, the user, easily and more effectively view our updates published to our games. 



Every Friday or the second Friday of each month. This can change based on our progress and if there are enough to be shown in that week or 2 weeks of time.



Dev blogs will include a well-described analysis of the asset(s) being shown from the developer themselves. There will be visuals, videos and or short gifs showing off the asset(s)




Drafter - Chief Executive Officer

Draudee - Chief Web Officer

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