Tuesday, 2 March 2021

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Published by Draudeee


July Monthly Report:

Last month's collection of progress throughout the studio, presented to the community to see the progress we are making. Now, let's see what work took place this month...


As you may have seen, we've made a few adjustments and come back with our batteries recharged. 
This is the next step for our studio. With these blogs, we'll be able to organize and format all of our updates from all of our projects. This will help you, the user, easily and more effectively view our updates published to our games. And with our support page, our team can collectively and easy view your tickets and resolve issues in an efficent manner. 


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On the first of each month, a dev blog will be posted collecting the entire work from our studio to present to the community in a user-friendly and easy-to-read post, showing all information relating to the development of our games!


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Dev blogs will include a well-described analysis of the asset(s) being shown by the developers. There will be visuals, videos and or short gifs showing off the asset(s)


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